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Standard condition of any order placed



STANDARD CONDITIONS OF THE PRINTING INDUSTRY RELATING TO ANY ORDER PLACED In any contract that may arise out of our quotations, customers will be deemed to have ordered subject to the following standard conditions and recognised customs of the Printing Industry in South Africa unless otherwise agreed in writing. 1. The Customer shall pay for any Preliminary Work, Artwork and Typesetting which is produced at his request, whether experimentally or otherwise, and is not included in the quoted price. 2. All prices quoted are strictly net and, unless otherwise stated, are F.O.R. Cape Town. 3. Any Value Added Tax which might be applicable, is not included in our quotation, will be charged extra. 4. The articles as specified herein remain the property of the seller under all circumstances until the full purchase price and interest charges, if any, are paid in full. 5. The terms stated herein constitute the full terms and conditions relating to this transaction. Any amendment will only be of legal force and effect if signed by both parties. 6. The Transnet, the Post Office and/or any other person delivering goods in terms of the order shall be the purchaser’s agent for all matters relating to this order. 7. Should payment for the goods as per Invoice not be received within the agreed credit period, the company will levy a monthly charge based on the Prime Bank Overdraft rate in force at the time. 8. Due to the fluctuation of world currencies and duties affecting the landed cost of imported materials, prices quoted are subject to any variance brought about by either or both of these conditions. 9. Goods will be despatched or must be collected by customer when ready and customer shall not refuse or delay to take delivery. 10. Payment is due when goods are ready for despatch or collection. 11. Complaints and Claims will only be entertained if received by the manufacturer in writing within THIRTY DAYS of delivery. 12. Any contract is subject to cancellation or to variation by reason of Force Majeure from any and every cause whatsoever beyond the company’s control including inter alia, inability to secure labour, materials, power of supplies, or by reason of Act of God, War, Civil Disturbances, Riot, State of Emergency, Strike, Lockout or other Labour Dispute, Fire, Flood, Drought or Legislation. 13. The manufacturer may recover from the customer any increase in cost of production, which occurs between the acceptance and execution of any order. 14. The manufacturer shall not be required to work to tolerance closer than those applicable to the materials obtained by him in the ordinary course of trade. No liability shall arise from variations in the standard, quality and performance of such materials. 15. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to determine whether the goods ordered by him are suitable for the purpose for which he intends using them. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or other loss including loss to Third Parties, arising out of errors in carrying out a contract, or by delay in delivery or by unsuitability of goods for use as intended. 16. When payment is overdue the manufacturer may suspend deliveries without notice and without prejudice to any other legal remedy until due payment has been made. Furthermore any monies in respect of goods completed but not delivered shall thereupon forthwith become due and payable. Moreover after the expiration of FOURTEEN DAYS NOTICE the manufacturer may exercise a general lien on all customer’s goods and property in his hands and may dispose of such goods and property as he sees fit and apply the proceeds towards such debs. The manufacturer may also elect to cancel and not to produce any unmade balance of such contract and recover from the customer any loss sustained by so doing. 17. An order once confirmed, cannot be cancelled once production has commenced.